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EtsyHunt vs eRank: Choosing the Best SEO Tool for Your Etsy Shop

On paper, one is better than the other

EtsyHunt and eRank are two platforms that offer Etsy sellers tools to improve their visibility and ranking in search results, with EtsyHunt focusing on product research and competitor analysis while eRank provides in-depth keyword analysis and listing optimization features.

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EtsyHunt vs. eRank: A Comprehensive Comparison

EtsyHunt Overview

EtsyHunt is a platform designed to assist Etsy sellers in improving their visibility and ranking in Etsy search results. It provides a suite of tools, such as product research, keyword research, and shop analysis, to help sellers optimize their online shops and increase sales. EtsyHunt supports product research and tag analysis, enabling users to understand market trends and analyze competitors.

One of the appealing aspects of EtsyHunt is its clean and user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of Etsy shop optimization. As for the pricing options, EtsyHunt offers free, basic, and pro plans. The free plan includes limited daily search and product chart functionalities, while the basic and pro plans offer more advanced features and tools.

eRank Overview

eRank is another platform that aims to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings and enhance visibility in search results. It offers a range of Etsy SEO tools, keyword research features, and listing analysis to assist sellers in improving their shop performance.

While eRank's interface is user-friendly, it might require a steeper learning curve than EtsyHunt. On the bright side, this complexity brings a wealth of data and detailed analysis, which can be extremely beneficial for data-driven users.

In terms of pricing, eRank provides Basic ($6), Pro ($10), and Expert ($30) options. A free trial is also available for users to explore the platform's features before committing to a subscription.

Neither EtsyHunt nor eRank require a credit card on file to create a free account.

Feature Comparison

Both EtsyHunt and eRank offer ways to enhance shop performance and sales on Etsy by providing keyword research, listing analysis, and a range of SEO tools. However, they each have unique features that give them an edge over the other. EtsyHunt's product research feature allows users to discover market trends and analyze competitors. eRank, on the other hand, provides in-depth keyword analysis to optimize listings.

The choice between the two platforms depends on the specific needs and goals of the Etsy seller. eRank is more suitable for data-driven users who prefer detailed analysis, while EtsyHunt might appeal to those looking for a simpler, more straightforward approach.

User Feedback

While both platforms receive generally positive reviews, EtsyHunt is often praised for its user-friendliness and product research capabilities, whereas eRank is recognized for its advanced keyword tools and analytics. However, both platforms have their drawbacks, with EtsyHunt facing criticism for limited features and eRank for its overwhelming data and complexity for new users.

The general takeaway is that if you're relatively new to using SEO tools for Etsy, then EtsyHunt is probably a great place for you to start. If you've been in the Etsy game for a while and you're looking for a bit more sophisticated data and tools, then eRank might be the way to go.

Pricing and Subscription Comparison

In terms of pricing and subscription, both EtsyHunt and eRank cater to different user preferences and business requirements. EtsyHunt offers free, basic, and pro plans, with the free plan providing limited daily search and product chart functionalities. eRank, on the other hand, offers Basic, Pro, and Expert pricing plans. It also provides a free trial, allowing users to explore the platform's features before committing to a subscription.

Unfortunately, eRank does not offer a free plan - only a free trial.

Overall, both EtsyHunt and eRank are valuable tools for Etsy sellers seeking to improve their SEO and boost sales. The choice between the two will depend on the seller's specific needs, goals, and budget.