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Maximizing Exposure With Digital Blip Billboards: A Guide

Even small businesses can be on the big screen

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Whether you are an established business or a growing startup, advertising plays a crucial role in your success. In today's digital era, the advertising landscape is constantly shifting and expanding, providing more opportunities for companies to reach their audiences. One such innovation in the advertising space is digital Blip Billboards.

Blip Billboards is a game-changer in the world of outdoor advertising. It is an affordable and targeted solution, helping businesses to improve their exposure and expand their customer base. At ExpertTexan, we have found that no matter your budget, Blip allows you to target people precisely and effectively based on factors like time of day, day of the week, and location. It truly revolutionizes how we think about billboard advertising.

Yet, as with any advertising medium, approaching Blip without a clear understanding of how it works can result in missed opportunities. That's where we at ExpertTexan, step in. Backed by our expertise and research, we aim to arm you with the information you need to maximize your business's exposure with Blip Digital Billboards.

Here's a quick overview of Blip Digital Billboards:

  • Advertising duration: A 'blip' on a digital billboard lasts 8 to 15 seconds. That might not seem long, but it's enough for a roadside display.

  • Cost: A single blip can be as cheap as $0.01 per 8-15-second display.

  • Potential reach: Depends on the location and schedule you select for your billboard display. It can range from just a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of people in a 24-hour period.

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Now, let's dig a little deeper into understanding how to make the most out of Blip Digital Billboards.

Understanding Blip Billboards Advertising

As we explore the world of outdoor advertising with Blip, it's essential to understand some key concepts. This will help you as a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner to effectively use this OOH (Out of Home) advertising platform to your advantage.

What is a Blip in Advertising?

In the context of billboard advertising, a "blip" isn't a radar signal or a small dot on your screen. Instead, a blip refers to a brief display of your ad on a digital billboard. A blip in advertising is generally anywhere from 8 to 15 seconds on a digital billboard that rotates digital display ads on a bidding platform. The cost of each blip is determined by the location(s) and time(s) you choose to display your ad and your budget.

This flexibility allows you to target specific audiences at specific times, giving you control over your advertising budget and reach.

How Long Does a Blip Billboard Last?

As we've covered a few times already, the duration of a single blip on a billboard can range from 8 to 15 seconds. However, the rotation time depends on the specific digital billboard you choose to display your ad on, the display schedule you've selected, and the amount you're willing to pay per display, as well as your overall budget for your digital billboard campaign.

The display time might seem brief, but remember that digital billboards are designed to capture the attention of fast-moving audiences, such as motorists or pedestrians. Digital billboards are also considered more effective than traditional static billboards because it's constantly displaying new images, which helps avoid inattentional blindness for those who drive by the display every day.

Think about how many static billboards you drive by every day. Do you even know? Chances are, you only notice them for a day or two after they are changed to a new advertisement. For the remaining 11.5 months that they're displayed, you drive by with inattentional blindness and don't notice them until they're changed to a new ad. Digital ads change every 15 seconds, which eliminates this issue for advertisers.

In these few seconds, your ad can make a significant impact, especially if it's well-designed and strategically placed. At ExpertTexan have seen numerous businesses effectively use these fleeting moments to make a lasting impression on their target audience, in fact, we've run successful Blip Billboard campaigns ourselves.

In the following sections, we'll take a look at the costs associated with Blip Digital Billboards and how to use them effectively for maximum exposure.

The Cost of Blip Digital Billboards

Navigating the world of advertising costs can be tricky. However, with Blip Digital Billboards, you'll find an affordable, transparent pricing structure that suits businesses of all sizes.

How Much Does Blip Cost?

One of the many advantages of using Blip Digital Billboards is the flexibility it offers in terms of cost. Unlike traditional billboards that come with a fixed price, Blip allows you to set your own budget and bid for billboard space.

The cost to display a blip (an 8 to 15-second ad) can range from $0.01 to $50 or more, depending on the location and time you choose for your ad to run. For example, if you want to display a digital billboard ad in Times Square in NYC, you'll likely be paying hundreds of dollars per display.

Don't get me wrong - you can schedule a billboard campaign for Times Square and try to bid with a budget of just $10, but the chance that your display will show up on one of the screens is slim to none (ask me how I know 😂). You'll probably need to increase that budget by 10x - 100x.

Blip Billboard Cost - blip digital billboards

But suppose you're more reasonable with your expectations and target less famous billboard locations such as those along highways (or in other areas of NYC). In that case, your cost will be substantially cheaper.

One of our Blip Billboard advertising campaigns along I-35 (one of the busiest highways in the US) just north of Austin, TX, cost just $0.01/display, which helped a brand new local landscaping company grow exponentially in a short amount of time.

This pay-as-you-go model is perfect for businesses that want to maintain control over their advertising expenditure. You can adjust your spending as needed, making it a flexible option that adapts to the changing needs of your business.

Digital billboards are also an incredible option for small businesses because if you're not gaining any traction on one display, you can terminate that campaign and test other ad creatives or even other locations.

Comparing Blip Costs to Traditional Billboard Advertising

When comparing the costs of Blip Digital Billboards to traditional billboard advertising, it's clear that Blip offers a more affordable and accessible solution. Traditional billboards can cost thousands of dollars monthly and often require long-term contracts, substantial down payments, and design and installation costs.

In contrast, Blip allows you to advertise on digital billboards without a long-term commitment. You only pay for the time your ad is displayed, and you can start or stop your campaign anytime. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for small businesses and startups, as well as larger companies looking for cost-effective advertising solutions.

In our next sections, we'll discuss using Blip Digital Billboards to maximize your business exposure effectively. We'll cover everything from choosing the right location and time for your Blip Billboard, to designing compelling artwork that grabs attention.

How to Use Blip Digital Billboards for Maximum Exposure

To maximize the exposure of your business using Blip Digital Billboards, it's vital to understand the three key factors: the location of your billboard, the timing of your display, and the design of your artwork.

Blip Billboard Infographic

Choosing the Right Location for Your Blip Billboard

The location is one of the most critical factors in billboard advertising. With Blip, you can hyper-target people based on their specific location, ensuring that your advertisement reaches the right audience.

For instance, if you're a restaurant owner in Waco, Texas, you wouldn't want your advertisement to be displayed in Dallas. Instead, you'd want it to show up on billboards around Waco, particularly in areas with high traffic or near either your restaurant or other popular restaurants in town where you know your target demographic is visiting.

Selecting the Right Time for Your Blip Billboard Display

Timing is everything in advertising. With Blip, you can choose the specific times of the day, days of the week, or even times of the month when your ad displays. This flexibility lets you target your audience when they will most likely see your ad.

For example, if you're an accountant advertising tax services, you might want your ad to show up during the months leading up to April 15th, the US tax deadline. Similarly, if you run a fitness center, you might choose early mornings and evenings for your ads, when people are typically going to or leaving work and might be thinking about their fitness routines.

Designing Effective Artwork for Your Blip Billboard

While location and timing are crucial, the design of your Blip Billboard is equally important. Your billboard should be visually striking, clear, and concise. Remember, your ad creative is being shown on a digital billboard that displays a new ad every 8-15 seconds. That's a short time to make a big impression. Therefore, your design needs to be simple yet powerful, with a clear call to action that can be quickly understood.

The great thing about Blip Billboards is that you can create your ad designs right on the Blip Billboard platform. They have pre-designed templates you can use that are quick and easy to customize for your brand with colors, text, links, and more.

Alternatively, you can also make awesome graphics with easy-to-use design software such as Canva, Pixelied, or Snappa to design your digital billboard ad creatives.

As we dive deeper into Blip advertising, we'll share more about how businesses like Mr. Charlie's have used Blip to stand out from competitors and increase exposure. Let's jump into a quick case study.

Case Study: Success with Blip Digital Billboards

In the world of advertising, real-world examples often speak louder than theoretical advice. To illustrate the potential of Blip digital billboards, let's explore a success story from Mr. Charlie's, a business that saw significant growth through this OOH digital advertising medium.

How Mr. Charlie's Used Blip to Stand Out from Competitors

Mr. Charlie's, a local business, utilized Blip digital billboards to boost its visibility and differentiate itself from competitors. They recognized that billboard advertising was a medium that could set them apart from the competition. As per their statement, "Blip works for us. It's a different medium, and it brings a lot of exposure. It sets us apart from the rest of the competition, and that's what I like."

But it wasn't just about being different. Mr. Charlie's understood the value of public exposure: "It's not a social media thing that you see on your phone. It's not word-of-mouth. It's big and bold and out there in public. I would say this is the first step of looking big and public."

The Impact of Blip on Mr. Charlie's Business Exposure

Using Blip digital billboards, Mr. Charlie's managed to put their new location on the map while simultaneously accelerating growth for their original location. They found the cost of advertising via Blip to be a fraction of what they would have spent elsewhere, making it a highly cost-effective strategy. "Billboards are one of the most impactful ways to advertise, and with Blip, you spend a fraction of what you would end up paying elsewhere."

The results for Mr. Charlie's highlight the potential of Blip digital billboards for businesses looking to boost their exposure and grow. It's not just about being seen; it's about being remembered and standing out from the crowd. And that's what Blip digital billboards can do for your business.

If nothing else, as Mr. Charlie's discovered, Blip Billboard gives the general public the impression that you're much bigger than you actually are. It also quickly builds rapport with your audience and helps establish a greater sense of trust. After all, you're advertising on a massive outdoor display; your business must be successful, legitimate, and trustworthy.

OOH Advertising + Online Digital Ad Strategies

No business should entirely depend on a single advertising platform. Your marketing strategy should include multiple channels and approaches, including paid advertising, organic marketing, word of mouth, and other marketing tactics.

For example, a powerful marketing platform to use in combination with Blip Billboards is retargeting ads through social media platforms.

When people see your digital billboard ad and visit your site, they may not purchase immediately. That's where your retargeting ads come into play. Now that they've visited your site after seeing your digital billboard, your retargeting ads will continue to display on their social media feeds, encouraging them to return to your site and pick up where they left off.

In other words, a digital Blip Billboard advertising campaign can be a tremendous top-of-funnel strategy for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience effectively and efficiently.

Conclusion: Why Choose Blip Digital Billboards for Your Advertising Needs

As we've seen, Blip digital billboards provide a unique and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to maximize their exposure. Blip's innovative platform makes billboard advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering a flexible and highly targeted approach to outdoor advertising.

Firstly, Blip offers a level of flexibility that is unmatched in the billboard advertising industry. You can choose when and where your ad will be displayed, down to the specific day of the week or time of day. This means you can tailor your advertising efforts to your target audience's habits and behaviors, ensuring your ad is seen by the right people at the right time.

Secondly, the cost-effectiveness of Blip Billboards cannot be overstated. Traditional billboard advertising requires a significant upfront investment and long-term commitment. With Blip, you can advertise on billboards for as little as $0.01 per Blip without contracts or commitments. You simply pay for the blips you want when you want them.

Thirdly, Blip billboards offer an unparalleled level of visibility. As one satisfied customer put it, "It's not a social media thing that you see on your phone. It's not word-of-mouth. It's big and bold and out there in public. I would say this is the first step of looking big and public."

With Blip, your business can benefit from the high-impact visibility of billboard advertising without the high cost.

Finally, the success of businesses like Mr. Charlie's demonstrates the potential of Blip digital billboards to drive business growth and exposure. As we've seen, Blip billboards can help your business stand out from the competition and get noticed by potential customers.

At ExpertTexan, we understand the value of effective advertising. Based on our first-hand experience, as well as case studies such as Mr. Charlie's, the evidence suggests that Blip digital billboards could be a game-changer for your business, too.

If you're ready to take your advertising efforts to the next level and make a big, bold statement in the public eye, it's time to consider creating an account with Blip digital billboards. Create your account today, launch your first OOH advertising campaign for as little as $0.01 per display, and get a free $25 credit when you spend $100 on digital billboard ads.